CodeRad Electrical is dedicated to code quality and customer satisfaction.  We are your professional electrical contractor for any residential or commercial project.

  • Are you thinking of doing a renovation or basement development and need a plan?  CodeRad can give you the advice and technical expertise you need to make your project perfect.
  • Are you afraid of adding new electrical outlets or lights due to damage to the drywall?  We are experts.  If there's a way to get it there without damage, we will find it.
  • Need your TV hung on the wall, but don't want all the hanging wires?  We can help with a wide variety of wall brackets to suit your needs.  Neat and tidy installations with all of the wires and cords hidden behind the drywall.
  • Do you have a light bulb you cannot reach or a fixture you cannot safely change?  We have the right ladder for the job.

Better Business Bureau link to CodeRad Electrical Contractor Business Review.CodeRad Electrical is a Russound Certified Installer.CodeRad Electrical Contractor link to listing in RenovationFind
Link to Pro Control of which CodeRad is an authorized distributor.
Link to Lutronn where CodeRad is a distributor.CodeRad Electrical is an authorized RTI Dealer